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About Translation


While Translation primarily changes text from one language to another, Interpretation changes speech from one language into another, usually in real-time.
Optimal DocTech Translation & Interpretation Services have benchmarked themselves as the go-to experts when you need fast and reliable translations and interpretations from Swedish to Tigrinya or Amharinya and vice versa; or from English to Tigrinya or Amharinya and vice versa.




Translation is the process of changing a written text from one language into another. A successful translation effectively communicates the message and meaning of the original text. 
Optimal DocTech translators are typically experts in certain subjects or industries. This specialization gives them enough background knowledge to capture the meaning of a given text and translate it most accurately into the target language.
Optimal DocTech maintains an extensive Terminology Database consisting of terminology pertaining to the medical, judicial and various technical/engineering disciplines.  



Optimal DocTech’s professional translators convert written texts in English or Swedish into Tigrinya or Amharinya; or vice versa. This can include anything from brochures and signs to websites and books.