what we do

About Documentation Services

Advances in information technology tools are changing the way that individuals access information and the way that organizations operate, collaborate and partner to accomplish mutual goals. The “Information Age” is not only about “dot-coms,” but is fundamentally about how information and organizations are structured. Optimal DocTech offers consulting services to organizations planning to take advantage of these evolving information technology trends. We help to plan, implement, generate and disseminate information cost-effectively. 




We are consulting Technical Writers, Proofreaders and Editors with Product Documentation as our specialty. We have several years of Technical Documentation experience in our authoring experience portfolio.

If your company needs editor resources for complex or simple document types like System Descriptions, Marketing Guides, User Guides, Installation Instructions, Operation & Maintenance Instructions, Manuals, Brochures and Pamphlets, here is your one-stop-shop.


Reliability and Service

Optimal DocTech can help leading companies produce clear and concise technical publications. Working with both large and small companies, we have earned a reputation for reliability and customer service.