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Optimal DocTech offers courses in Active Parenting specially tailored for Migrant parents with Tgringa, Amaringa, Arabic/Somalian background. Familjeakademin are the sole proprietors of the course and Optimal DocTech are offering the tailored version with the kind permission of Familjeakademin.

Active Parenting® is the course for you who want to build a stronger relationship with your child aged 1-18, while growing as a parent and person. A course in Avtive Parenting® introduce you to the life-change approach that has already helped hundreds of thousands of families reduce conflict and nagging, improv communication and increase joy and cooperation in the home.  


Specially Tailored Courses 

Active Parenting® is a well-supported exercise to reduce and prevent children’s behavior problems; and harmfull parenting. The need for the spread of Active Parenting to culturally diverse families is obviously very relevant. These new Swedish parents have completely different views on child upbringing and family structure than native Swedish parents.

We intend to tailor an Active Parenting program based on therapeutic process elements that deal with cultural considerations around active parenting skills – to increase parental involvement. We believe that our program kan provide migrant families basic active parenting training and skills that can help them to deal with various factors that parenthood in today’s society entails. Keyword:

basic education, commitment, cultural adjustment, migrant families 




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