What Our Clients Say about Us

Mr Boo Engstrand

Clients of Documentation Consulting Services are often seeking a technical documentation expert to help them document a system under difficult or challenging circumstances. These circumstances can include any one of several situations that are actually more common than many people may realize. We are proud to partner with Optimal DocTech to offer high quality documentation solutions to our esteemed customers.

Mr Marwan Semaan

Everyone knows that documenting the technical details is the least enjoyable part of creating any engineered product. When the writing of documents get left to the end and the delivery date is rapidly approaching, Optimal DocTech can help pull together your documents when time is of essence. In those circumstances when getting a document done NOW is essential, Optimal DocTech is a partner to rely on.

Mrs. Helena Ferm

I hereby certify that Optimal DocTech, Karlstad, were through Alem Fisshatzion hired by the Interpretation and TranslationService in Örebro for translations from Swedish to Tigringa and from Tigringa to Swedish. Alem registered with us 2012 and has since that time done written translations of varying nature, mediated by us to the Municipal, County Municipal and State governments. Optimla docTech has always carried out thier work with  the higegst quality, speed and accuracy. We are very satisfied with Optimal DocTech´s interpretaion and translation service

Tolkservce Örebro