About us

Optimal DocTech’s staff will help your company plan and organize
documents to effectively reach your audience and meet your objectives.

About us

Alem Fisshatzion (CEO)

Alem Fisshatzion (CEO), has over twenty-five years of experience in the business and has a chemical engineering background and has worked in the areas of medicine and pharmaceuticals, paper & pulp engineering, electronics and telecommunications. Our other consultants are all seasoned veterans in the document production process and its quality assurance aspects. They all have a vast array of expertise in the heating & cooling industry, separation technology, electrical and mechanical engineering to name a few. 

Technical Writers

Optimal DocTech’s writers have technical backgrounds and experience in many different areas, so they can quickly organize and produce virtually any kind of technical documentation.


Optimal DocTech’s editors will tighten a draft and improve its readability and presentation. They are proficient at catching grammatical errors as well as misspellings that elude computer grammar- and spell-checkers.


Optimal DocTech’s proofreaders have some of the sharpest eyes in the business. They ensure that every document produced for your company and your customers is thoroughly professional.